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Lloyd R. McCoy

Lloyd McCoy passed away April 5, 2005, at St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, following surgery.

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12/15/10 06:40 PM #1    

Allan Erbe

Lloyd Riddle McCoy passed away April 5, 2005, at St. Lukes Hospital in Bethlehem, PA, following surgery.

02/03/11 08:30 AM #2    

Thomas West

Long before we discovered girls and speed, Lloyd was a great friend, hiking buddy, and rock collecting enthusiast. We had a blast being geeks! 

03/22/11 06:45 PM #3    

Lucia Davidson (Russom)

Lloyd was a unique and wonderful guy going back to kindergarten. So sorry to hear this.... 

04/30/11 05:05 PM #4    

Edward Brunner

I had the great fortune to grow up next door to the McCoy Family. Lloyd and I spent countless hours doing all the foolish fun things little boys do.  We tied a string to the branch of a tree and removed our front teeth by jumping off a kitchen stool, made a huge snow mountain after the big storm of '52, it was almost 15 ft. high about about 25 ft diameter,  dug tunnels through it and had great fun until in melted into their basement and the hot water tank, furnace, washer and dryer had to be replaced. We were great buddies for many years.

After college Lloyd enlisted in the Marine Corps and spent a few years on President Johnson Yacht on the Patomac.....He was a great friend, great father of 3 grown children and will be missed by his family, and friends.

Our best task was digging a hole to China behind their garage.  To not get caught doing this we placed a sheet of plywood over the hole and spread dirt over it.  Lloyds dad was coming back from neighbors house when he stepped onto the dirt covered plywood, fell into our "China hole" and broke his leg.........We were very busy kids.

10/24/12 08:40 AM #5    

Ken Hegyes

A long time friend of lloyd's wrote to us about their relationship. I am posting William Burns' e-mail here:


William Burns


I met Lloyd in 1967. My first wife, Eleanor, and Lloyd’s wife, Nancy, were friends at work. Coincidentally, we all lived in West View, a community in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. For some reason or another, I was enlisted to drive into Pittsburgh with the wives to pick up Lloyd when he finished work in Pittsburgh. This was the first time I saw Lloyd. Lloyd worked for US Steel, in their Treasury Department, at the time. He emerged from the US Steel Building, wearing a black suit and white shirt that said “this guy is all corporate”. Terrific “first impression”. I learned that one of Lloyds job’s was to buy all of the Tin for all Steel Producing Corporations of the US who used Tin Coating on their rolled steel (“tin cans, etc). This was a necessity for the steel business because the users of Tin would be bidding against each other in the market and Lloyd “kept a lid” on what would otherwise be ruinous competition and wild speculation in the market. We all became good friends. Between 75’ and 80’ US Steel closed a great majority if it’s mills in the US and the entire workforce was diminished greatly, including those in the Corporate Office. Lloyd easily transitioned into home construction and started to build custom homes in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. I believe that at one point before the early 80’s he had as many as 6 homes going at various stages of completion at the same time. By 1980, I had divorced my first wife and found my present wife of nearly 30 years, Karen. Lloyd was my best man at our wedding. We helped each other for years with various ventures. We had to be resourceful since the economy was fickle. When interest rates for home mortgages went beyond 14%, it was time for another transition for Lloyd, and he used his knowledge of home builder and purchaser for USS to secure a position as a PA State Appraiser for new highway property acquisition. Although he moved to the center of the state where the majority of road building was going on, he would come back to his properties in the Pittsburgh area and we would have some good times from time to time. I will always remember Lloyd as a genuinely great man and a great friend. He was fun to be with and I am so sorry that we let the distance separate us for these last 10+ years. I have now realized that I have lost touch with more than just Lloyd and I am resolved to fix that. Please help me fill in the gaps of the last decade or so. My email is The best for his family. And I thank all who also had a place in their heart for Lloyd.



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